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Leadership Team


Kristal Bowmer-Vath

Architecture, CAD, home inspection background, consultant, building & interiors.

Specialty Areas:
Construction, Inspection, Venues, Commerce

B.S. Design & Environmental Analysis,
Cornell University

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Kris Fuehr

Business, tech, marketing. real estate,
Certified Business Broker (CMSBB)

Specialty Areas:
Commercial space; Commerce, Venues

M.B.A, Marketing, University of Washington


Advisor: Paolo Tosolini

Storyteller, emerging technologist. explorer and innovator in applied 3D imaging

His agency, Founder, Tosolini Productions focuses on emerging technologies in sales & marketing engagements at events and trade shows for Fortune 500 companies

We're nerds with hard hats who love field work and getting our hands dirty!

We belong to a national network of thousands of 3D photographers, drone pilots, and designers who can scale to the size of your projects. Whether we are on-site capturing your space, or one of our partners is called in for their proximity, our role is to capture or dispatch the right person for the job with the knowledge and guidance they need to properly represent your image with the quality and care you expect in any location, to match your brand and your customer experience.

We achieve quality and service level standards through:

  • Pre-shoot site-prep in person or virtually, if dispatched

  • Checklists and reference guides to use on-site

  • Perspectives and lighting standards that make for better outcomes

  • Processes and support for the in-field photographer when needed

  • Review for quality standards

  • Storytelling the greatest aspects of your space through research & interviews

  • Make-it-right policies to stand behind our work

3D Bobble-head view!

3D Bobble-head view!